UpNote makes it easy for your to create your own templates and using them when writing new notes.

Create your own template

To create a template from an existing note, click/tap the button in the upper bar of your note editor and select Copy to Templates

Create templates with custom date and time

For meeting notes or daily journals, it’s common to insert a date into your note. Simply type {{date}}, {{time}}, {{datetime}} … in the template, and when a template is selected, UpNote will automatically replace the date and time with the current time.
UpNote supports multiple date and time tags so you can customize the date, day and time formats in your templates.
You may see this table for all date and time formats.
If you want the date format to be like "Monday - Jan 02 2023", you can type {{EEEE} - {{MM}}-{{DD}} {{YYYY}}

View/Edit templates

You can see all your templates from the Templates section in the sidebar.
You can edit or delete your templates right from the Templates section or quickly create a new template by clicking the New Template button in the upper right corner of your UpNote window.
Note: To keep the interface clean, the template section is not displayed if you haven’t created any templates.
To quickly create a new note from the template, click the New note from this template button in the top bar of the template editor.

Write from a template

When you create a new note, you can start writing as normal or you can choose from the saved templates. After a template is selected, the editor will populate the template content and you can start writing right away.
On desktop apps, you may even insert the template in the middle of your note. Simply right click in the note editor and click Select from Templates