Filter your notes

When you first open UpNote, you will see 3 filters: Todo and Uncategorized and Unsynced under the All Notes section. You may click on the down-arrow button in front of the “All Note” label to expand or collapse these filters.

Todo filter automatically displays notes which contain incomplete todo items. This would help you quickly glance through and update your tasks.

Uncategorized filter displays notes which do not belong to any notebook. This way you can review your notes and organize them to their notebooks if necessary.

Unsynced filter displays notes which are not fully synced to the server yet. If a part of the note content (e.g. images, attachments...) is not fully uploaded and synced, it will appear in this filter. You can check the Unsynced filter to find out if any of your notes are not synced.

Add a new filter

On desktop, click the more button ... next to All Note label and select Filter Notes

On mobile, tap the ... button in the lower right corner of your notes list screen and select Filter Notes

You will then be able to select a new filter to add.

  • Select Todo filter to display notes which contains incomplete todo items.

  • Select Today filter to display notes which are updated today.

  • Select Notes containing words to filter your notes based on the matching words. Enter the words you want to filter.

  • Select Uncategorized to filter your notes which do not belong to any notebooks.

  • Select Share notes to filter notes which are currently shared via a web link.

  • Select Unsynced to filter notes which are not synced to the server yet.

Filter notes containing multiple tags

You may use filters to quickly find notes which contain multiple hashtags. Follow the steps below:

  • Add a new filter and select Notes containing words

  • Click the Create Filter button. Your new filter of notes containing hashtags will appear in the sidebar under the All Notes section.

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