Lock a notebook

Lock is available for Premium version. Follow the steps below to lock your notebooks:

On desktop

You can enable lock for your notebook while creating it. Turn on the option for lock as below:

If you have already created a notebook, you can enable lock by clicking the ... button next to the notebook title in the note list and select Lock.

It's recommended to sign in to your UpNote account to use the lock function. This is to make sure in the case you forget your password, you can safely sign out and reset your password.

Lock password

By default, your lock password is set as your UpNote login password. If you want to change that to a shorter or all-digit one, you can do so from Settings > General > Change lock password.

If you happen to forget the lock password, click the Sign out link and you can sign in again with your account password. When you sign in again, your lock password will be set as your account password by default. You can change it again in the Settings.

By default, you are asked to enter the lock password every time you access a locked notebook. If you want to keep the unlocked session and be spared from repeating the password entry, you can edit the Require re-enter password setting.

Go to Settings > General > Require re-enter password or set it directly from the locked screen as below:

On mobile

To lock a notebook, turn on the lock option in the New Notebook screen:

If a notebook already exists, you can change the lock setting by editing the notebook.

Passcode Lock

The first time you enable lock for a notebook, you will be asked to set a passcode lock which consists of 6 digits so you can conveniently enter it on your phone.

You can change the passcode from Settings > Passcode Lock > Change passcode.

You can also enable Touch ID or Face ID to unlock from Settings > Passcode Lock > Enable Touch/Face ID.

Forget the passcode lock

If you forget the passcode lock, sign out and sign in again. You will be asked to reset your passcode lock when accessing a locked notebook.

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