Import content to UpNote

It’s easy to transfer your content from other apps into UpNote. You may import your notes from Evernote, Simplenote or other file types including Markdown, HTML, RFT/RTFD, Doc/Docx* and TXT.

*Importing from Doc/Docx is only available on Mac.

How to Import

  • On Mac: Select File > Import from the menu bar.

  • On Windows and Linux: Go to Settings > General > Import & Export and select an option to import your files.

  • Select a file type you want to import to: Markdown, HTML, RTF/RTFD, Doc/Docx, TXT, Evernote and Simplenote.

pageImport from EvernotepageImport from Apple NotespageImport from BearpageImport from Simplenote

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