Info Panel

The information panel gives users an overview of a note’s info in a structural order. There are 4 sections in the panel, you may collapse or expand each section according to your needs.

  • Info: showing a note’s creation and updated date. You can view and edit the note's created and edited date here.

  • Word count: showing a note’s character, word, sentence and paragraph counter.

  • Links to this note: showing all the notes with links to the current notes . See this for more info about bi-directional linking in UpNote. (This section will not be shown if your note doesn’t have any backlink)

  • Table of contents: showing the note’s headings in a hierarchical order. You may click on each heading to go to their corresponding section in your note. (the Table of Contents will not be shown if your note doesn’t have any heading)

On desktop

To show or hide the information panel, click on the info icon at the bottom right corner of your note’s window or use the shortcut Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + I

On mobile

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