Automatic notes backup

UpNote supports automatic notes backup so you can be sure that your notes will always be safe with you no matter what. This feature is available on Mac, Windows and Linux apps. If you mainly use UpNote on your mobile, you may sign in to your UpNote app on desktops and have it connected to the Internet so that your notes can be synced and backed up on your personal desktop.

Backup settings

By default, your notes are backed up locally on your device every day for 50 days. The data is automatically compressed to save storage space. You can change the backup frequency and maximum number of backups from Settings > Backup.

You may also select the option to backup attachments and export your backups to Markdown files from the Settings.

Change your backup location

If you want to sync your backup data to Dropbox or Google Drive, simply click on Select backup folder and choose the desired location in Dropbox or Google Drive folder on your computer. UpNote will automatically save all backup files to the new location. The files within the backup folder are managed by UpNote, so please do not edit them to avoid data loss.

Manual backup

Anytime you want to do a manual backup, just click on Backup now. You can also turn off automatic backup by changing the backup frequency to Off.

Restore backup

Your notes, tags, filters and notebook structure are kept in your backup data so that you can restore the whole structure of your notes.

Simply select the date and restore option in the Restore Backup section to restore your notes.

There are 2 options you can choose:

  • Overwrite all data: Your data will be overwritten by your backup files. For those data which are not in the backup files, they will not be affected. This mode is useful when you want to restore the previous versions of your data.

  • Only restore deleted data: Only restore data which you have deleted from the trash or missing notes which were not synced to the server. This mode is useful when you find some notes missing and want to restore from backup data.

Delete Backup Data

When you sign out of your account, you will be asked if you want to keep or delete your backup data on the current device. You may also delete your backup data any time by deleting the backup folder.

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