Search for notes

Follow the steps below to perform note or notebook searching in UpNote:

On desktop

  • Enter the phrase you want to search in the search box located in the top bar of UpNote window or use the shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + G to open the search box.

  • You will see the matched results in the notes list below.

  • You can toggle between searching in All Notes or in the current notebook

  • If you are using another app, you can use the global shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + Option + G from anywhere to quickly open UpNote search.

  • Your saved search will appear under All Notes section.

On mobile

  • Enter the phrases you want to search

  • You may select if you want to search in the current notebook/folder/tag or in All Notes

Search for the exact phrase

  • To search for exact phrases, wrap your searched phrase in double quotation marks, for example "UpNote features"

Search for tags

  • You may search for tags by inserting the # key in front of the phrase

  • If you want to search for notes containing multiple tags, type multiple tags in the search box. You may also use Saved Search to stick this search in the sidebar.

Search for notes in locked notebooks

By default, UpNote search doesn't show the results from locked notebook to protect your privacy.

If you want to include the results from locked notebooks, you can do so from the Search options.

On desktop, click the Search icon in the search bar and select Search in locked notes. You will be asked to enter the lock password to enable this option.

On mobile, click the Settings icon in the right side of the search box and select Search in locked notes. You will be asked to enter the passcode to unlock the locked notebooks.

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