Search for notes

You can search for text and tags in each notebook or in all notes. If a note is in a locked notebook, it won't be included in the search result.

On desktop

  • Enter the phrase you want to search in the search box located in the top bar of UpNote window.
  • The search results will highlight the matches in your current notebook.
  • If you want to search in All Notes, use the shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + G. Or go to All Notes section and perform searching.
  • On desktop apps, you may save your search so you can find it quickly from the sidebar. Click the save button
    in the search box.
  • Your saved search will appear under All Notes section.

On mobile

  • Tap the search icon
    in the upper right corner of your notes list screen.
  • Enter the phrases you want to search
  • You may select if you want to search in the current notebook/folder/tag or in All Notes

Search for the exact phrase

  • To search for exact phrases, wrap your searched phrase in double quotation marks, for example "UpNote features"

Search for tags

  • You may search for tags by inserting the # key in front of the phrase
  • If you want to search for notes containing multiple tags, type multiple tags in the search box. You may also use Saved Search to stick this search on the sidebar.