Questions about Premium

Below are frequently asked questions and answers about upgrading to UpNote Premium.

I cannot find an option to upgrade on Windows/Linux. How can I use Premium on Windows/Linux?

If you have an iOS, Android or Mac device, you can upgrade to premium there and your premium will be synced with your Windows/Linux app. You will be able to use all premium features on Windows/Linux. Please sign in to your UpNote account on your devices to sync the premium.

I am having issues with upgrading to Premium on Android

Please try restarting your phone or check this help guide for related payment issues on Android:

How can I switch from the Monthly Subscription plan to Lifetime Premium?

Please go to Settings > Premium > Manage Subscription > Switch to the lifetime . UpNote will ask you to cancel the existing subscription first to avoid double charges.

You can also cancel the subscription following these guides:

After canceling your subscription, please tap Manage Subscription > Switch to lifetime > OK to proceed.

I have switched to Lifetime Premium but I'm still charged for the monthly subscription. Can I get a refund for duplicated charges?

We showed a pop up to ask users to cancel subscription before changing to lifetime upgrade. If you have not done so, please cancel your subscription now to avoid double charges in the future.

Cancel subscription from the App Store

Cancel subscription from Google Play

After that, please contact Apple/Google to request for the refunds for duplicated subscription charges.

Is there any limit to the note size/file storage with Premium version?

The character limit for each note in UpNote is about 300,000. Please note that this is a limit for the underlying HTML document, so the total number of characters in your text may be slightly less. This is a hard limit because the Firebase server is unable to store longer notes.

UpNote limits each file upload to less than 20MB. There is currently no limit on the total number of files you can attach, but we will monitor our server costs and make adjustments if necessary in the future.

About the number of notes, UpNote recommends users to store less than 20,000 notes for optimal performance especially when syncing across devices.

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