UpNote is free to download on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Linux.

iPhone and iPad

Download on the App Store


Download on Google Play


Download on the Mac App Store


UpNote is compatible on Windows 10/11.

Download on Microsoft Store.

Download the installer for Windows app

If you are not able to download UpNote from the Microsoft Store, you can download the installer for Windows app here. This installer is still new so Windows might warn you that it's not a common download, you just need to bypass the warning and run the installer. Please note that if your computer has already installed UpNote from the Microsoft Store, you shouldn't use the installer above.


Download the AppImage

  • If you have installed AppImageLauncher, simply double click on the UpNote.AppImage file. AppImageLauncher will automatically change the AppImage file to executable, move it to the Applications folder and show the app icon correctly.

  • If you like to install AppImageLauncher to make it easier to work with AppImage, please see this link for how to setup AppImageLauncher.

  • If you haven't installed AppImage launcher, you need to make the UpNote.AppImage file executable and then run it. Please see this article for more instruction:

  • UpNote.AppImage can automatically download new update and will inform you when the new version is available. You only need to restart the app to install the update.

Download on the Snap Store

The first time you launch UpNote, you will be presented with the Welcome screen.

You can sign in or create a new account with UpNote to sync your notes across all your devices. We recommend that you create an account so that you can retrieve your notes in case there is something wrong with your device or you need to reinstall the app.

If you do not want to use UpNote with an account and keep your data in your local device, you can click the link Continue without an account to proceed.

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