Import from Evernote

You can transfer your existing notes from Evernote to UpNote by performing the following steps on Mac, Windows and Linux app:

  1. Export your notes from Evernote to an .enex file following this guide.

  2. Select the option to import from Evernote

    • On Mac: Select File > Import Notes > Evernote from the menu bar.

    • On Windows: Go to Settings > General > Import from Evernote

    • Please note that your imported notes will be added to this notebook if it's specified.

    • This notebook is not the parent notebook of your imported notebooks (if you had enabled the option #5 above). Nesting action needs to be done after you imported your notebooks to UpNote. Follow this guide to nest a notebook another another one.

  3. Finally click the Import Notes button to import to UpNote


  • Files which are larger than 20MB and notes which have more than 300,000 characters are not imported to UpNote. You can see the data which were not imported successfully in the log, go to Settings > Feedback > Save debug log

  • The internal note links in Evernote do not contain information about which note they link to, so we cannot convert them to UpNote links. The internal note links from Evernote will remain intact, and you will still be able to click them to open in Evernote.

  • Custom text and highlight colors in Evernote will be removed when imported to UpNote, so that the text will be displayed with dynamic colors in light and dark mode.

Tip: If you want to keep your notebook structure from Evernote, first export each individual notebook from Evernote to .enex file. Then you could import multiple enex files into UpNote, and enable "Use file name as notebook" option.

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