Widgets for mobile apps

Widgets on mobile apps help you keep track of essential information right from the home screen. In the latest version of UpNote, you can now add various widgets to write, search and view your notes quickly, on both iOS and Android app.

There are 3 types of widgets available for UpNote:

Quick Actions

This widget provides various options to write a new note. You can quickly create a new task, add an image, take a photo or add a new drawing. You can also choose where the new note should be added to: All Notes, Tags or Notebooks.

List of Notes

This widget shows you list of notes in the order you have selected in the main app. You can customize the widget to show the notes from All Notes, Quick Access, a specific notebook or tag. In this widget, you may quickly search for a note or create a new note in a specified location.

To change the location of the note lists to be a filter or a specific notebook, follow the step below:

  1. Add the "List of Notes" widget

  2. Long tap on the added widget and select "Edit Widget"

  3. Select the location to be a filter or a notebook.

Note Content

This widget shows a specific note content, so you can use it as a shortcut to your note.

The widgets are refreshed periodically by the operating system. You can also manually refresh the widgets when opening the app.

Please see this iOS guide to add and edit widgets on your iPhone and iPad, and Android guide for Android devices.

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