Sync notes across devices

Sign in to your UpNote account

UpNote supports automatic syncing across unlimited devices. You need to sign in to your UpNote account on your devices to sync your notes (make sure your email address is entered correctly).

  • On desktop, go to Settings > My Account

  • On mobile, go to Settings > Sign in to sync notes

  • If you don't have an account yet, click/tap the Sign up now link to create an account.

Check unsynced filter

To check if any of your notes are unsynced, go to Unsynced filter. Your note will appear there if their content including images, attachments... are not fully synced to the server.

If you don't see the Unsynced filter, follow the step below to view it.

  • On mobile, tap the ... icon in the bottom right corner of the All Notes screen and select Filter All Notes then add the Unsynced filter. The filter will appear under your All Notes section in the sidebar menu.

  • To see the note count of the filter, go to Settings > General > Show number of notes in each notebook

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot the syncing issues:

  1. Update your app to the latest version

  2. Make sure you have signed in to your UpNote account on all devices. Try signing out and back in again

  3. Your data might not be fully synced if your internet connection is intermittent. Please try turning your Wi-Fi off and on, or switching to a different network. If you are on desktop, you can try using the phone's WIFI hotspot.

  4. Sometimes due to spotty internet connection, your images/files are not completely uploaded yet. You can try forcing syncing on both devices:

    • On iOS/Android app, pull down from the note list (you will see the syncing icon when pulling down).

  5. To sync attachment edits, please return to UpNote app after editing your attachment on the device

  6. If you do not see uploaded images, please check if your images are copied from the website. If your images are copied from a website, UpNote will keep the link of the images. However, if the website removes these images, UpNote cannot load them because the link is now invalid.

    To save an image to UpNote, you can right-click the image, choose "Copy Image," and paste the image into UpNote.

  7. If you are in China, Russia... you may need to use a VPN to bypass the firewall and sync your notes

If none of the above helps, please email UpNote support at and send us the debug log (from Settings > Feedback > Save debug log) so we can assist further.

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