Select multiple notes

If you want to perform an action for a large number of notes (such as moving notes to another notebooks, exporting, deleting notes...), you can do that quickly by selecting multiple notes in the notes list. Follow the steps below to select multiple notes on each platform:

On desktop

  • Select multiple notes: Press and hold the Cmd/Ctrl key, then click the notes in the note list column (they don’t need to be next to each other).

  • Select multiple notes that are adjacent: Click the first note, then press the Shift key and click the last note. All notes in between are included in the selection.

  • Select all notes in the note list: Click any note in the note list, then press the shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + A

  • Once your notes are selected, you can perform the following actions:

    • Pin to the top

    • Add to Quick Access

    • Move to another notebook

    • Add to notebooks

    • Export

    • Move to trash

On mobile

  • Tap the ... button in the lower right corner of your note list screen.

  • Tap Select Notes

  • Select multiple notes by tapping the circle in front of each note row

  • If you want to select all notes, tap on ... again and tap Select All

  • Once your notes are selected, you can tap on the notebook icon at the bottom bar to add/move notes to other notebooks; or delete them.

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