Organize with hashtags

Tags can be used in UpNote to sort and organize your notes quickly.

Create Tags

To create a tag, simply type # followed by the word you want to use as your tag, with no spaces. Press Enter to confirm creating a new tag.
As you type, you will see the existing tags pop up in the dropdown list. You may also select one of them or complete typing and press Enter .
On mobile, you can follow the steps above or tap the # icon from the format bar to insert a tag.
Once a tag is created, it will show up in the side bar and in the note’s info panel.

Rename and Delete Tags

To rename or delete a tag from the sidebar or inside the note, right-click on the hashtag and select Rename or Delete
The tag will be renamed or deleted in all the notes it belongs to.
On iOS, swipe left on the tag in the sidebar and tap on the Edit button.
On Android, tap and hold the tag you want to rename in the side bar and select Edit option.

Hide Tags

You can hide a tag from the side bar to keep it clean (similar to notebooks), simply by right-clicking the tag and select Hide from Side Bar
On iOS, swipe right on the tag and tap on the Hide button.
On Android, tap and hold on a tag and select Hide from Side Bar
You can always find the hidden tags by clicking the TAGS label. Select any tag from here to show them back in the sidebar.